(A) MEMBERSHIP: shall be opened to all business membership organizations of Micro, Small and medium enterprises in Nigeria and shall thus be entitled to the Forum’s identity card on fulfilling the laid down conditions for registration. 

(B) HONORABLE MEMBERSHIP: This category shall be persons or individuals who have been recognized by the Forum for their contributions to Nigeria’s industrial and economic development and are interested in becoming members.

(C) CORPORATE MEMBERSHIP: This category shall be private and public sector organizations/institutions that share similar aspirations with the Forum or that shall add value to the Forum. Such organization/institutions may be granted corporate membership and may nominate not more than two delegates or representatives to attend meetings of the Forum on their behalf. Such representatives shall each be approved and accredited by the Executive Committee to participate in any of the Forum’s meetings, activities and programmes. 

(D) WOMEN COOPERATIVES MEMBERSHIP: Membership of the Forum shall also be opened to women cooperatives associations involved in farming, interested in becoming members. Such women reserve the right to be voted into the Executive Committee or the Board of Trustees.