Dr. Obinna Linus Amaechi (JP) is a proven profile leader and a Chartered Financial and Investment Analyst. He is a Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Economics, Chartered Institute of Administrators and Researchers of Nigeria. A former lecturer with Chartered Institute of Personnel Management of Nigeria. He has served as Director, Information, Training and Mobilization in Civil Awareness and Economic Empowerment Initiative “CAEI”, and in many organizations in senior management positions. Doctor of Transformational Leadership (DTL), specializing in Cultural Transformation, Bakke Graduate University, Dallas, Texas,USA. Registrar, Called 4work Institute, Abuja.

Obinna Linus Amaechi is a consultant, a renowned speaker and a trainer with a rare passion to transform the society. He is currently a Senior officer, Secretary and Admin, International Circle of Faith Chaplaincy Corps.(ICOFCC) FCT Command, Secretary– Relate with Inmates for Change Initiative (RICI), giving hope and community reintegration for prisoners in Nigeria).Best Professional Fellow – Chartered Institute of Financial and Investment Analysts, Nigeria (CIFIAN) 2013.Chapter President, Maitama, Full Gospel Business Men’s Fellowship International.

Obinna Linus A. is a dynamic and energetic young man, a proud Nigerian, and a Service Excellence Modules Specialistwho has travelled widely within and outside the country for training and research works.  A Nationalist, a Pragmatic individual, a Christian by practice, and a lover of all good people. He has a lovely family with five lovely children.